Thursday, November 20, 2014

Plates Cafe - Sacramento, CA ---- November 20, 2014

Ken and I have nothing better to do on this rainy day than to run a couple of errands in Sacramento and of course to try a new lunch spot.

Our first stop is at Lam Kwong Deli and Market(link) in the south downtown area of Sacramento.
I need to pick up some Baked Cha Sui Bao to take home to freeze.  These are often referred to as "Pork Buns".
Shot looking north from U Street.

This is looking through the entrance doorway.

They have quite an extensive number of items for the size of this small market.

This is the steam table where the precooked items are kept warm

From Lam Kwong we take the three block drive to Osaka-ya(link)  the traditional Japanese confectioner.
 They also sell some packaged Bento, Japanese lunches as well as other packaged items.
But the mainstay of their business is their mochi and manju.

They are celebrating their 50th year in business.

On the way from here to lunch at Plates Cafe (link) Ken is going to pick up his granddaughter who is a Freshman at Sacramento State.

Plates is located far from downtown in a part of what was once the Sacramento Army Depot.
It is a part of a program for homeless women and children.  More information here (Link).

Plates is open for lunch only from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
The current menu
Here is Ken and his granddaughter reading the menu.

Plates has been in business for the past 5 years.  Perhaps they started out as a cafeteria like place.

Now there are waitresses and white table cloths.  Notice in the background that the room in the back has been rented out for a luncheon meeting.

Two of us have the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich while Ken has the Shrimp Tacos.
I forgot to take the photos until half way through eating.
My side is the sweet potato fries

Ken's comes with chips and salsa

Granddaughter has the fries
A mural that is in keeping with the Plates theme.  Each leaf contains the name of a graduate of the program.

Before heading home we stopped at Grateful Bread (link) and Oto's Market.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Taste Restaurant - Plymouth, CA ---------- Nov 8, 2014

Taste Restaurant {link}

9402 Main St, Plymouth, CA 95669

November 8, 2014

Both Auntie El and Patti came up sick at the last moment so a party of four had suddenly become a party of two.  I drove my Camry along with Kenny to Plymouth, CA.  This is the home of the Amador County Fairgrounds along Hwy 49, the Mother Lode Road.

Here is a photo of the front of Taste.

This is the wine bar as you enter the front door.

This is the back room.  We ate in the main room adjacent to the bar.

Most of the tables in this room are not shown because the front window spoiled all of my photos taken in that direction.

The obligatory three types of bread with Balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Tracey Berkner, who with her husband Mark own and operate Taste{link} as well as the Volcano Union Inn. {link}  Brought the Small Plate, Lettuce Cups, which consist of root beer braised pork belly, almonds, herbs, pickled vegetables, hydroponic butter lettuce.

The Lettuce Cups.

The Lettuce Cups displaying the Root Beer Braised Pork Belly.

Ken's main course was
Grilled Beeler Farm Pork Loin
Sierra Nevada goat cheese pierogi, thumbelina carrots, toasted sunflower seeds, golden raisin, carrot harissa vinaigrette
He said it was very moist and very tasty.

I had the
house made pita, lamb meatballs, cucumber, buttermilk tzatziki, pickled vegetables, greens.
Interesting rendition as it was open faced.

A nice leisurely lunch in this small Mother Lode town of 1,030 people.  The city is located at an elevation of 1,086 ft.