Sunday, April 9, 2017

Old Clam House, Cayuga and Billy Goat Hill Parks - April 9, 2017

April 9, 2017 Elsa came up sick so just two of the original three Lunch Bunchers are headed to San Francisco to the oldest continuously running restaurant in San Francisco, {link}The Old Clam House.

Heading west on Hwy 4 from Stockton to Brentwood to pick up Grandma.  That is cloud shrouded Mount Diablo dead ahead.

This is The Old Clam House.  Open since 1861.  We arrived about 10 minutes before they opened at 11:30AM because the traffic though heavy was less than I had expected.  That is why there are no people in here.

One of the booths.

Entrance to the restrooms.

The bar.

Grandma reading the menu.

Drinks - an Arnold Palmer and an Americano.

Phooey I had my drink container turned the wrong way in the above photo.

Grandma's Fish Fry with a Kiddy's order of pasta with garlic sauce.

My Sand Dabs.

A look toward the kitchen.

You can buy a T-shirt.

A different booth.

Lots of old stuff on the walls.

Here is their historical plaque.

Who remembers the San Francisco Seals a team that Joe DiMaggio played for.
 That's the end of lunch photos.  Now on to Cayuga Park and Billy Goat Hill.

Cayuga Park:  {link}Description of Cayuga Park

These carvings were all done by Filipino immigrant Demetrio Braceros, who turned a once seedy, crime-ridden park into a magical world of art.

The end of Cayuga Park pics.

Then it is off to find Billy Goat Hill:  {link}Description of Billy Goat Hill Park

Twin peaks is about 2 miles to the left of the angle these photos were taken.

The park is in Glen Park neighborhood but between here and the building of the downtown are the Noe Valley, Castro and Mission Districts.

The hill above the end of the street is Bernal Heights hill.

This was shot in a more southeastern direction to show the walking trail down the hill.


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