Saturday, May 3, 2014

China Palace - May 3, 2014

Just Ken and I from the Lunch Bunch plus four of my Class of 1961 classmates from high school.

We had just had a Class Luncheon about 6 hours before but Bev, Pat and Naomi came from out of town and Gobo (himself) who was at the Luncheon had mentioned a Special Set Menu at the China Palace to the girls at the Luncheon.  So after spending a few hours BSing at my home the girls decided to have dinner there.

So Fuku, Ken and I who live in Stockton plus the three out of towners are off to dinner.

Fuku, Pat, Bev and Ken

The basic Set Menu for 6 was $69 for 8 dishes plus soup.  Rice was an extra charge since the normal cost of the dishes was over $100.
Soup of the day

Chinese Beef Stew (brisket  with bok choy)
Dish #1

Spicy FishCake with Veggies
Dish #2

Some kind of bbq pork dish
Dish #3

Salted Shrimp in the Shell
Dish #4

Beef and bok choy
Dish #5

Mustard Greens
Dish #6

We were suppose to have Roast Duck, but they ran out so we got a similarly prepared chicken dish in its place
Dish #7

A closer photo of the Roast Chicken
Again Dish #7

Fuku, Naomi and Pat

Bev and Ken

Our last dish was Clams in Black Bean Sauce
Dish #8

We ate quite a lot but there was still much left over.  We took home 6 take out dinner plates full of food.


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