Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waterloo Gun and Bocce Club - April 22, 2014

Tuesday Buffet at Waterloo G&B Club
4343 N Ashley Ln, Stockton, CA 95215

Today is the day that was originally planned for the Lunch Bunch's trip here.
Because the main course today is Trippa a la Florentine.  But there is a second main today.  It is Rosemary Chicken.  Today's pasta is Tortellini in pesto sauce.
Ken, Dan and I arrive about 20 minutes early

Elsa gets here a few minutes later

At about 5 minutes past Noon the serving line opens.  Here are the two mains.
Herb roasted chicken above and Tripe a la Florentine
 Mixed seasonal veggies, Tortellini with pesto sauce and the chicken
Tortellini in the center
 Ken is the first one of us in line.
Dan and Elsa are on the other side of the table
 Here is a better look at Elsa and Dan
The server has a nice smile
 Elsa getting the Tripe piled on
Dan is getting his dinner roll
 Dan's plate
No tripe
 Ken has a bit of everything
Lots of tortellini
 Elsa has everything but much more tripe
Next month's Tuesday Buffet Menu
 Now is when I go get my food
I still have no food
 Here is my plate.  The chicken looked good but my goal was to eat the tripe.
No chicken
An unexpected guest.  Loreen is here to schedule a banquet and I saw her and invited her to join us for lunch.  She had to finish booking her event so is the last to get her food.
Her brother Jayson runs Louie's Market where I have my Wednesday lunches
 I had seconds so these are my plates in front of my dessert dish.
A brownie and coffee for dessert
 Having a bull session after lunch.
We are almost the last to leave
 They had a print of their May 2014 Tuesday Buffet Menu.
Next month looks pretty good

Oh yes.  The cost is $12 per person and includes everything but the bar items.  Salad, coffee, dessert and sales tax are included in the $12.

I am especially looking forward to the June 3rd Buffet, Roasted Pork Ribs done over a barrel.


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