Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stockton Golf & Country Club - April 9, 2014

Stockton Golf & Country Club

April 9, 2014

This could also be called a Reunion for Grant Elementary School since 6 of the 11 of us at lunch today went to Grant School.  We all started there when it only had 5 classrooms and a principal's office.  The six are Ken, Grandma, Patti, Linda, Elaine and me.

Anyway two of the newest members of Gobo's Lunch Bunch - Ray and Judy are members here and the rest of us are their guests.

The current Clubhouse was completed in 2006 but the Club is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year.
Plaque showing the new building date
The club sits on the east bank of the Stockton Deep Water Channel, ocean going freighters use this to get to the Port of Stockton.  Interestingly one of the Google Barges is docked on the west bank just opposite the club's parking lot.
Long photo through the trees

A clearer photo
No golf today as the semi-annual "punching of the greens" was just finished.  For you non-golfers twice a year the 18 greens of a course are aerated with significant sized plugs of earth.  So courses are closed for play for a few days twice a year.
Never the less grass continues to grow so you gotta mow that
There is a small watercraft at the far left of the photo.
First fairway moves away from the water to the right
Linda and Patti greet each other.
That's Ken's back
Gobo is attending today because he wanted to get a closer look at the Google Barge.
Linda gives him a hug

Ken shakes his hand
We set up the lunch for 11:00am so we are the only group in the dining room.
Getting seated at the table
Ken, Linda and Gobo.

Ken, Judy and Ray our hosts, Patti, Elaine and Polly
Nine of us are on time.  Two more to go.
The front of the menu.
Established 1914
The left side of the lunch menu.
You can click on the photo to see a bigger image
The right side of the lunch menu.

Deciding what to order.

Our waiter takes a group photo.
One of the rare posed photos in my Blogs

We have the whole room to ourselves
Elsa finally arrives.  Just in time to order.
One more to go
Elsa ha the Daily Special - Chicken Marsala

This is their Monterey Sandwich - crab meat and bay shrimp with avocado and lettuce with lemon dill aioli on toasted sourdough bread.

Gobo has the California Burger - with avocado, bacon, tomato and jack cheese.

Gobo's sandwich
Ray has the Bifsteak Sandwich.  Shaved roast beef with sauteed onion, Swiss cheese, avocado and garlic mayo

Judy had a Chicken Salad.

"Hmm.  Where should I start?"

Polly also had a Monterey Sandwich

Grandma gets here at last as she first had to finish her tennis match.  So she is still in her tennis outfit.

Everyone is already eating - that is except for Patti who has ordered the Falafel in Pita.

Patti still does not have her sandwich.

My Clubhouse is the next to last order with fresh cooked potato chips.
That's one sandwich
Patti finally gets her Falafel in Pita but they forgot to bring her yogurt sauce.

Grandma also ordered the Falafel in Pita and got hers right away.

The girls decide to share dessert.  Six of them are splitting 3 Molten Lava Cakes.
Okay Linda cut that in half

Grandma cutting one in half
Elsa and Linda split one.
Hey your piece if bigger than mine!

Grandma BSing

More BS

Elaine and Polly

Hanging out
We closed the Dining Room and head to another room to have a sing-a-long.
The ukuleles

Ending comments courtesy of Ray

Heading out

Heading home
Grandma, Linda, Ray and Judy


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  1. this was fun, especially the after lunch entertainment. Thank you Linda and Judy.